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Results of the second Lithuanian heat

Posted 15 November 2012 at 22:00

These are the eight acts that participated in last week's heat (televoting winners in bold):
  • NĖRIUS PEČIŪRA - Kas Gali Pakeisti Gyvenimą (Nėrius Pečiūra)
  • TIMOHI - Time For Life (Timohi)
  • GIEDRĖ SMOLSKAITĖ - Stay Awake Tonight (Raigardas Tautkus/G.Griciūtė)
  • IEVA ZASIMAUSKAITĖ & GABRIELIUS VAGELIS - I Fall In Love (Raigardas Tautkus/Raimondas Nabus)
  • ALIVE WAY - Revolution (Justinas Stanislovaitis)
  • MUNDIS IR ELVINA - Aš Ilgiuosi Tavęs (Emanuel Gonzales "Gonza")
  • BEISSOUL & GABRIELĖ GRICIŪTĖ - Feeling Hopeless (Raigardas Tautkus/Raimondas Nabus/Beissoul/G.Griciūtė)
  • FELIKSAS MERLIN - A Silent Scream (Feliksas Kutka, Rodion Kolomin)

The expert jury results (pictured above) didn't change things this week as when their votes were combined with the televoting results announced during the TV show on Saturday, they produced the same outcome:

  • 8 points - Timohi - Time For Life
{Video#YT, id: -tVQi2LkpQM}
  • 10 points - Ieva Zasimauskaite & Gabrielius Vagelis - I Fall In Love
{Video#YT, id: fr9bZ65m01I}
  • 12 points - Beissoul & Gabriele Griciute - Beautiful Life
{Video#YT, id: qs4ow-VrUsY}
The three songs proceed to the semi-finals in December. You can watch the full show again thanks to the on-demand LRT webcast.
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