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Results of the first semi-final in Lithuania

04 February 2012 at 23:35 CET

 In Lithuania the performances were already recorded on Friday, when the jury even casted and announced their votes, which are as follows:

  1. Beissoul - Why 43 points
  2. The Independent - Baby 39 points
  3. The Artrace - Fly LT 33 points
  4. Kamile Kielaite - Try 33 points
  5. Multiks - Star 31 points
  6. Indigo - Sugrizk 29 points
  7. Laisva - Nutolk 28 points
  8. Chill Out, Have No Doubt - Until The End 26 points
  9. Valdas Maksvytis - Dar Laiko Yra 20 points

Tonight when the show was aired on LRT, the televote had Beissoul as the winner too, and he will be joined in the final by two more acts. To the final:

  • Beissoul
  • The Independent
  • Multiks

There's a new feature this year in the voting in Lithuania and it is the results by smart-phones (for free). In that voting also Beissoul ended up as the winner. According to LRT, "the jury noted Beissoul's beautiful and specific voice yet signalled his somewhat -philosophical- performance might be an obstacle to conquer a wider audience".

Next Saturday 11th of February the second semifinal takes place, and the six acts that didn't qualify tonight still have a chance to be saved for a place in the Final on the 3rd of March.