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Which act will follow Alma to the Eurovision stage?

20 January 2018 at 23:33 CET
Participants of the second semi-final of 'Destination Eurovision 2018' France Télévisions
The second semi-final of 'Destination Eurovision', the French national selection for Eurovision 2018, has taken place. The show saw four participants proceed to the final which will take place on Saturday 27th January. The winner of 'Destination Eurovision' will represent France in Eurovision 2018 Lisbon in May.

Last week the first semi-final of Destination Eurovision 2018, the French national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, took place and saw four acts proceed to the final. Nine more acts participated in tonight's second semi-final:

  • Lucie Vagenheim - My World
  • Madame Monsieur - Mercy 
  • Jane Constance - Un jour j’ai rêvé 
  • Nassi - Rêve de gamin
  • Igit - Lisboa Jérusalem 
  • Max Cinnamon - Ailleurs 
  • Sarah Caillibot - Tu me manques
  • Sweem - Là-haut 
  • June The Girl - Same

May we have your votes please?

The second semi-final of Destination Eurovision followed the same format as last week; 50% of the result was determined by expert juries and 50% by an international panel. Read more.

The qualifiers

  • Madame Monsieur - Mercy
  • Max Cinnamon - Ailleurs 
  • Nassi - Rêve de gamin 
  • Igit - Lisboa Jérusalem 

They'll join in the final last week qualifiers:

  • Lisandro Cuxi - Eva
  • Emmy Lyianna - OK ou KO
  • Malo - Ciao
  • Louka - Mamma Mia 

The live final of Destination Eurovision will take place on Saturday 27th January and will be broadcast on France2 as well as globally on TV5 Monde. Viewers from around the world can also follow the broadcasts on Facebook live. You can follow all the latest news about Destination Eurovision on Facebook, Twitter and don’t forget to check out the official website as well as the official YouTube channel to hear clips of the songs.