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Relaxed rockers for Armenia

09 May 2013 at 13:12 CEST

When the band members of Dorians arrived at the Malmö Arena, they first put on their stage costumes and started preparing their instruments. "It's a habit for us, we are used to play live, so even if our guitars are not plugged, we still prepare like at any other concert", they explained.

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Gor Sujyan already performed as a backing vocal in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest for Eva Rivas, so he is experienced in terms of backstage preparations. "We are not nervous, we are enjoying the atmosphere here and can't wait to go on stage", they told before performing an acoustic version of their entry Lonely Planet which you will be able to see in our video.

On stage, Dorians sang in a dark rock setting with moving spotlights directed towards the audience. Many wide shots were used, adding to the atmosphere of the song.

They were using a drum kit and electronic guitars, and Gor Sujyan gave a vocally strong performance. The band members were wearing stylish jeans outfits.

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In the last run of the rehearsal, the special effects were shown. Smoke effects and wind machines were used, and in the last chorus pyro fountains and red flames were applied.

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