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Denmark brings 'The Show' to Turin: REDDI win 'Melodi Grand Prix' 🇩🇰

05 March 2022 at 21:59 CET
Reddi Agnete Schlichtkrull
The Danes have decided! The Nordic nation will be sending forth REDDI to Turin, to represent Denmark at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest. The song, and the winning entry of 'Melodi Grand Prix' 2022, is 'The Show'.

📺 Listen: REDDI – The Show

At Melodi Grand Prix 2022, 8 songs were in the running to represent Denmark at Eurovision in May. From the field of 8, after all had been performed, 3 were voted through to a 'superfinal’ by the Danish voting public. The superfinalists were Conf3ssions with the song Hallelujah, Josie Elinor & Jack Warren with Let Me Go, and REDDI’s The Show.

These 3 songs were performed once more, and the Danes were encouraged to pick their favourite from that trinity of treats. REDDI emerged as the people’s champion, and will head to Turin with the song The Show.

The band won with 37% of the final vote, compared to Conf3ssions’ 32% and Josie Elinor & Jack Warren’s 31%.


Ihan Haydar on drums, Ida Bergkvist on bass, Agnes Roslund on guitar and Siggy Savery, who plays guitar and sings, made a big impression on Denmark on Saturday night, when they made their debut as REDDI on the Melodi Grand Prix stage. The band were put together by drummer Ihan along with one of the Danish music industry’s biggest names in pop over the past couple of decades, Chief1 (Lars Pedersen).

'It’s a song that encourages you to listen to yourself and go after your dreams, no matter what others say and think. We want to inspire you to never hold back, no matter what you want in life!'

Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest

Denmark made its debut in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1957 and got off to a strong start, finishing third with its very first attempt. Shortly after this, Grethe & Jørgen Ingmann won the contest with Dansevise in 1963. However it wasn’t all plain sailing; following a poor placing in 1966, Denmark withdrew from the contest, not to be seen again until 1978.

In 2000, the competition took place in Stockholm and Denmark scored its second victory in the Eurovision Song Contest with the Olsen Brothers and Fly On The Wings Of Love, taking the contest to the southernmost Nordic nation for the first time in nearly 40 years.

In 2013, the Eurovision Song Contest was once more held in Sweden, and, as happened in 2000, Denmark won. Emmelie de Forest’s Only Teardrops won both the jury and televote in Malmö and took the competition to Copenhagen once again.

Can REDDI take Denmark to Higher Ground yet again?…

📺 Watch: Rasmussen – Higher Ground (2018)

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