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Denmark: REDDI have arrived in Turin, bringing with them 'The Show'

04 May 2022 at 09:00 CEST
Denmark's REDDI - WIDE EBU / Corinne Cumming
Touching down in Turin all the way from Denmark are the girls from REDDI, a band made up of Ihan, Siggy, Ida and Agnes. And they’re very clear on what they plan on bringing to the Eurovision Song Contest – ‘The Show’!

The show in question is the title of the song that they will compete with at the First Semi Final of the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest. It’s a song that merges the louder sides of both rock and pop, with some definite roots in retro punk, too. And it’s a vibe that the band hope will translate well on TV; though they see the PalaOlimpico stage as being a great asset in achieving this.

There’s so much energy on the stage, I really hope people can feel it at home. The sun almost looks like a vinyl record – and that’s perfect for us.

Anyone who has listened to The Show will know that it’s a song with a sonic surprise or two in store on first listen. Composed with a soft intro, before giving way to a raucous number shortly thereafter, it showcases two different sounds and styles, and paints a flattering introduction to a clearly versatile band. Their reasons behind crafting the song in this way, were more a reflection on the lyrics of it, however.

It’s kind of our own story. You’ve been alone and you haven’t found your people; and then, in my case, the girls came into my life. I had been on my own, playing music by myself – I had no one to play with, but then I found these girls and that’s kind of the story in this song; when you come in, everything changes. We also did it because it works both ways. It works as a ballad and it works as a rock song.

REDDI from Denmark preparing to the first rehearsal at the PalaOlimpico Turin EBU / Andres Putting

The girls in REDDI do what they do with a real passion for playing music. But they are also aware that as an added bonus to all of this, there is a whole new generation of musicians-in-the-making out there, who will see them rock the PalaOlimpico and possibly take the notion to follow in the footsteps of their new idols. And the group absolutely want that to happen, too.

We hope that there are little girls out there, and little boys, that can be inspired by what we are doing. Who can pick up the guitar or the bass or the drums. We didn’t really have anyone like us when we were small. And we hope that we can be the ones to make that change some day. We want to be empowering. For us, growing up as females, there are not as many role models, as many females playing music as men. So that’s important for us, too – to show that this is a thing you can do.

REDDI, the name, is pronounced as it reads, and you would be forgiven for thinking that the moniker came about because the girls are so enthused for this whole experience. Actually, you’d be semi right, even. But in fact, the inspiration for their name came from a much more stationary source.

It was actually from the studio, where we record. We usually use a D.I. box called reddi. We were sitting in the studio, not knowing what to call the band and our eyes just fell on the box where it said reddi, and we went: aaaahhh. And it also fits because we really do feel so ready. We’ve been practicing all our lives for this and now it’s here. This is our time.

REDDI, Denmark, First Rehearsal, PalaOlimpico, 1 May 2022 EBU – Nathan Reinds

When they say it’s their time, it’s difficult to argue with them. After all, the reigning winner of the Eurovision Song Contest is a tune within the same genre as theirs. The band from Denmark are big supporters of Måneskin, and were delighted when they brought Italy the Eurovision win in Rotterdam with the roof-raiser that is Zitti E Buoni.

It’s amazing to see that the world is still liking rock music – because to us it’s the best thing. They kind of paved the way for us to write this, because it’s like ‘rock is back’, and that’s beautiful.

REDDI from Denmark preparing to the first rehearsal at the PalaOlimpico Turin EBU / Andres Putting

When it comes to this year’s contest, the REDDI rockers have got their eyes – and ears – on the competition. And they’re set on one entry in particular: the song from neighbouring Sweden.

We love the Swedish song. And that’s not only because we have two Swedes in the band. We love Sweden’s entry and we love Cornelia Jakobs, too. It’s just a really good song. The songwriting is so good there. And she has such a good personal expression in her song. She has rock and a rawness to her voice.

REDDI compete in the First Semi Final of the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest on Tuesday 10 May.

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