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Red projections on a tall dress for Moldova

10 May 2013 at 20:38 CEST

The Moldovan delegation arrived early at the Malmö Arena - the dancers were practising their choreography while Aliona Moon and Pasha Parfeny were warming up their voices in a special soundproof cabin. Then they assembled Aliona's dress, which consists of an inner framework with supporting metal rings, and the white dress itself that sits on it.

A dress growing tall

Aliona was confident and looking forward to go on stage. Pasha Parfeny, the 2012 Moldovan Eurovision representative, will play the piano on stage. However, during the rehearsal he was replaced by another delegation member as he is also the director of the performance and thus had to watch the viewing screens.

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The main element of the stage performance, Aliona's dress, grows 4 metres tall when the podium on which she stands is lifted. The projections on the dress were changing during the performance, first only in plain red colour, then with red flashes, turning to blue. At the same time, smoke effects are used.

This content is unfortunately no longer available

The Moldovan press conference has been cancelled.