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Red crystals shine on Sofia's dress

Posted 23 May 2010 at 14:39

In today's second rehearsal, the lighting of the stage was changing between white and red, which are actually the national colours of Georgia. Sofia and her backing dancers and vocalists were dressed in their costumes for the Semi-Final today, which were also in red and white: Her female backing vocalists were wearing long white dresses, while her male dancers were dressed in white suits without shirts underneath. The female dancer wore a dark red dress with a long red scarf attached to it, and Sofia herself wore a elegant red dress decorated with Swarovski crystals, as well as red crystal bracelets. Sofia and her dancers appeared on stage barefoot.
The staging itself has not been changed, and the cameras captured the choreography well. In the beginning, two dancers were holding onto Sofia's feet, creating the impression that she was walking in slow motion. The last image to be seen on the TV screens will be a cross, created by the backing dancers and Sofia, who was lifted by them and then opened her arms. In the same moment, pyrotechnical effects are used, consisting of orange flames appearing in front of the performers. Will Georgia be able to convince all of Europe with this unique and stylish performance?
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"This year we will do it without the knives"

The Georgian delegation stated in their press conference that the second rehearsal went not as good as the first one in terms of sound and lighting. Sofia Nizharadze added that parts of the problem were caused by her dress, which she wore for the first time on stage today. Due to its weight and a tight corset, she was barely able to breathe, but she expected this to improve during the dress rehearsals.
One journalist mentioned that Sofia Nizharadze, just like the Georgian representative in 2007, Sopho, had an elaborate dance choreography going on on stage during her performance, and he asked if national elements were used again this year. The head of the Georgian delegation, Maia Baratashvili, explained that it was not a national dance, but rather a contemporary dance performance with a Georgian hue. "This year we will do it without the knives," Sofia added, referring to the fact that the dancers had used swords for their act in 2007.
As the song Shine was written by a team including the Norwegian composer Hanne Sorvaag, who also co-wrote the Norwegian entry in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, Sofia was asked if they had actually met yet. She replied that a special meeting of her, Hanne and the Norwegian representative, Didrik, would be organised very soon, though.
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