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Red Carpet glamour: Whose shoes are these?

Can you recognise the artists just from their footwear choices on the Red Carpet of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest?

Victor M. Escudero
Victor M. Escudero
Posted 8 May, 2017, 19:00

Glamour or comfort? Is it possible to have both on Eurovision's most famous walk? Can you recognise the artists just from their footwear?

The Red Carpet Event and Opening Ceremony mark the official start of the Eurovision Song Contest. Located in front of Kyiv's Mariyinsky Palace, the 2017 Red Carpet was the longest ever in the history of Eurovision!
The weather wasn't the only thing that was hot in Kyiv last night. Dressed in their finest clothes, the Eurovision stars shone brightly in the evening sunshine. The choice of costume isn't the only thing to consider, there are of course, the all-important shoes! Check out the pictures in the gallery below!
Can you guess the artists just from their choice of footwear? If you think you know the answer leave us a comment below!
Victor M. Escudero
Victor M. Escudero
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