Raphael Gualazzi's madness for jazz

Second rehearsal day for Italy and we find Raphael Gualazzi backstage quiet and focused. The Italian band are looking forward to seeing the stage again. "I think this is an opportunity to improve from the first rehearsal," Raphael says.

How much can it change from one rehearsal to another? "You could easily think that just one rehearsal is okay, but it's important to have the possibility of doing it a second time and create good music with the quality of the instruments. They take care of it here in a very good way."

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One of the big headlines regarding this year's Eurovision Song Contest was the return of Italy to the competition after a 14-year-long absence. Raphael is continuously asked about Italy's return to the Eurovision Song Contest. "I'm happy to be here, and I think Italy is happy to attend this big festival, it is important for the musical panorama in Europe," he says.

The fans of the Eurovision Song Contest have greeted him in an encouraging way. "They are really happy that Italy came back, and I think they will enjoy," he says.

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