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Raiven brings her ethereal symphony from Slovenia

12 December 2023 at 12:15 CET
Raiven will represent Slovenia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö this May with her song ‘Veronika’.

The story of Veronika Deseniška and her supposed witchcraft are well known in Slovenia, and this song continues Raiven’s quest to explore the stories of iconic women from various historical eras.

‘Representing Slovenia at Eurovision is a stepping stone I envision for my career's progression. When I told my mother I was going to Eurovision, she said she knew I would be standing on that stage one day. She knew it since the first time we were watching this music spectacle together - I was five years old.’ 

Described as a ‘musical alchemist’, Raiven fuses the disciplines of pop and opera, showcasing her artistic versatility she thrives as a mezzo-soprano singer, author, songwriter, and harpist. 

Raiven will represent Slovenia in Malmö Tjaša Barbo

Her electro-pop debut came in 2014, but her musical evolution came to the forefront during Slovenia’s national selection shows (EMA), entering several songs over years, including Črno Bel (2016), Zažarim (2017), and KAOS (2019). 

In 2021, Raiven won at the renowned Slovenian music festival Popevka with her song Volkovi. In between, she has been active in both opera and theatre, and after obtaining a master's degree from the Ljubljana Academy of Music, the singer started to explore the electro-opera sphere.

Veronika will be released in 2024.

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The Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Malmö, Sweden on Tuesday 7 May (First Semi-Final), Thursday 9 May (Second Semi-Final) and Saturday 11 May (Grand Final) 2024.

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