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Raise the curtains for Belarus!

Posted 21 May 2010 at 14:40

In today's rehearsal, 3+2 performed again in their Semi-Final costumes, consisting of black suits for the two male singers and glittery dresses for the female artists, on the back of which butterfly wings appear during the second chorus of the song. In the same moment, the black curtains in the background were raised, opening the view to a starry sky bathed in red light, and butterfly-shaped confetti started falling onto the stage.
Smoke effects were used to underline the heart-warming atmosphere of the song. The pianist accompanying the band 3+2 on the Semi-Final night, Robert Wells, still has not arrived in Oslo as he is touring China at the moment, so he was again replaced by an extra.
Two band members, Alena and Artsem, got engaged on the Belarusian party, held in the Euroclub in Oslo yesterday, so there is another reason to congratulate them apart from the very convincing rehearsal they showed today!
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"An optimistic and bright staging"

In the Belarusian press conference, the delegation stated that they were very happy about the second rehearsal, especially the changed lighting, which looked "optimistic and bright." Artsem and Alena were asked about their engagement during yesterday's party, and they said it was an important step for them and they thanked all the delegations that were present and offered them gifts and their best wishes. They also presented Alena's engagement ring to the press.
3+2 went on to present an acappella version of Butterflies to the press, as well as the winning song of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, Fairytale. When they were asked about their relations with Alexander Rybak, they said they knew him very well as he was a member of the jury in the talent show where they all participated. Furthermore, they thanked him for performing at the Belarusian party on the day before.
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