Rainbows and spring flowers for Portugal

Even before the Portuguese rehearsal started, the musicians of Flor-de-Lis were already playing on their traditional instruments to cheer up the audience in the hall. Today, they performed in the actual dresses which they will wear in the First Semi-Final of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest: The lead vocal, Daniela Varela, wore a black dress with purple and white parts, black stockings and white shoes, while the other band members were dressed in traditional looking trousers and jackets, the main colours of which were black, red and white. In front of colourful LED screens showing rainbows, spring flowers and clouds, they performed their ethnic pop song Todas As Ruas Do Amor, the lyrics of which are entirely in Portuguese, in a powerful and heartwarming way. In the press conference, Daniela Varela was asked to perform a part of the Portuguese entry in the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest, Lusitana Paixão, which she did in a truly impressive way accappella.

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