Quiz: Win a Daniel Diges gift set


As reported by his record company, the first album from Daniel Diges, comprises of music which can be compared to other artists like Michael Buble, Billy Joel and Robbie Williams, among others. 

The self-titled album also includes two versions of his entry for this year's Europe's favourite TV-show, Algo Pequeñito (Something Tiny): one which is already known and another one which is said to be "different". He hopes the music on the album will be liked by "people of all ages".

By the way, he's currently getting ready for his great night on the 29th of May - the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. He's decided to have backing dancers not only from Spain but a total of four countries.

Signed prizes!

To celebrate the new album, will give out three gift sets of Daniel Diges. The gift set includes a T-shirt and a cap, with Daniel's picture and of course, signed by the star himself!

To win the gift set, you should answer the following question and send in your answer to our e-mail address [email protected] by Wednesday, 5th of May

The question is: What prize did Daniel Diges receive from the Spanish national theatre recently? You might want to check out Daniel Diges Artist Profile on for that. 

So, remember, you have time till 23:59 CET, 5th of May! 

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