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Quick quotes Sunday 11th of May

11 May 2008 at 23:05 CEST

MONTENEGRO: Stefan Filipovic

We are starting our journey with great enthusiasm. Stefan said: "I am often in Belgrade and I can say that today it is more beautiful then ever. My team makes me very confident and I am looking forward to good ranking." We had a promo tour in Bosnia and Herzegovina where we had a presentation of the Song and of the video, for me the most important country is Serbia and Serbian Diaspora. We also had a small promotion in Slovenia. I would like to be in the final with our neighboring countries. Everything looks great, the stage is great but I expected a bit larger one.


The moderator greeted Israeli delegation in their native language. The stage is amazing, the view from our hotel is amazing, and this is wonderful place to be. I would like to congratulate to Serbian TV and EBU and for this great production. Belgrade is great, Boaz said, and the rehearsal was great. Boaz sang a Jewish orthodox song acapella. Last year Boaz won Israeli pop talent show. 

ESTONIA: Kreisiraadio

They didn't have any comments on if they will make it to the final. Their families were happy for them winning the Estonian national final. "Everything was gorgeous" they concluded. 

On 30th April they celebrated their 15th anniversary as the group. 

MOLDOVA: Geta Burlacu

The stage looks like it is made just for us.  It makes me feel like I am singing for every person in the hall (Arena). The song is about simple thing and we prepared it (the song) for the Moldavian national selection. I think that all songs are coming from the universe and that they are not made for a special occasion.  

I can't tell will people love my song or not, I can only pray that people will love it. I know that there are people who like our song and I think that people love song which are from the soul, from the heart.

My song is intimate and also with me on the stage is the person I love. 


This is the first time San Marino takes part in the Eurovision Song Contest. "We are very happy to be in Belgrade and honored to participate in this contest." They are very happy with their first rehearsal and with the organization so far.  This is their first step in their musical career. Since the band members know each other they are like a family and each day they are getting closer and closer. 


The Belgian delegation started press conference greeting all in Serbian. They think their specific musical style will bring them to the final. One of  songs from their last album was old Serbian song "Pastirce mlado". After the journalist had asked them singing it, they did it. They came to this competition  with the song "O Julissi". The song is in non existing language, they call it Ishtarian, but still it (song) has comprehensible message of love. Their performance will be simple but they are hoping that they will manage to move the audience so it will become more energetic. They sang it at the press conference. 

AZERBAIJAN: Elnur & Samir

Azerbaijan is pleased and honored to become a part of the Eurovision family. "We are excited for being here for the first time and feel big responsibility because of that." Since three years ago the Eurovision Song contest is being broadcasted in Azerbaijan so their citizens are familiar with this contest. They are glad to have opportunity to present their own music and culture. After they won national competition they were completely shocked for the two days. Telephone calls and SMS they received from their friends and fans made them realize how responsible they are now for their nation. Elnur and Samir sang the part of the song a cappela alive at the press conference.    

SLOVENIA: Rebeka Dremelj

"First rehearsal was really awful. We are really in the bad mood and please no questions about the first rehearsal." "It was bad because of us, of course, they didn't do anything wrong it was bad because of us" (she was sarcastic) - Rebeka stated. My song is fast and full of energy, also I am very happy when singing it - Rebeka added. She sang the English version of the song a capella. When asked did she see any similarities between Miss World competition (she was Miss Slovenia in 2001 and took part in Miss World competition) and ESC she said: "As Miss you have to save the world, at the Eurovision Song Contest you just have to be in the good mood." Rebeka went on promo tour to Montenegro, FYR Macedonia, Belgium, Croatia and Greece. "I have been in Serbia six or seven times." When host said that he was keeping his fingers crossed for Slovenia to go to the finals, Rebeka said: "You don't have to keep your fingers crossed, just pick up the phone and vote for Slovenia. I would like for Slovenia to win because we have no hall, no stadium and this would be good opportunity to build one."

NORWAY: Maria Haukaas Storing

"My favorite song is Denmark and my vision with music is just to have happy time, it is so important to be happy" - Maria said. "My predecessors in the Eurovision Song Contest told me it is a big circus and you should just have fun." She sang Nicole's winning song for Germany in 1982 called Ein Bisschen Frieden. She recently released her 2nd album and that's why  she was asked to perform one new song what she did.