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Quick quotes of Thursday, 15th of May

16 May 2008 at 02:01 CEST

MONTENEGRO: Stefan Filipović

“The atmosphere in our team is really great and I hope it will stay like that till 20th May” – Stefan said. They are very happy with their performance. Mr Gorčin Stojanović, the director of the performance, said that the basic idea of the song was both “simple and strong,” “It is my pleasure to represent Montenegro which I have already mentioned before”, Stefan stated, adding that he would do his best to justify the trust of the people who voted for him at the Montenegrin national selection. 


“We’re having fun in Belgrade and at the rehearsals”, the Israeli delegation said. They added they had met many performers, they met Kalomira and Hind. Boaz sang an ancient Hebrew chant (the first line of their Eurovision Song Contest entry comes from that particular chant). “It’s so fun in Belgrade. When asked how success has changed him Boaz said, “I learned how to be tolerant but I’m still the same person.” “It’s amazing that I ‘m singing in the Eurovision Song Contest. I can’t believe I’m standing on this stage. For me success is just to be the servant of the song and not vice versa.” (regarding his Eurovision Song Contest  performance) 

The meaning of the Hebrew sentence in the song means: “My soul seeks for prayer that will make all the people unite.” 

ESTONIA: Kreisiraadio

They are very happy with their second rehearsal and they are thankful to all the crew and especially to Sven Stojanovic. Answering the question if they expect their song will be popular only in Estonia or all over Europe, theysaid: “All over the world”.” Asked about what their inspiration for the song was, they stated: “Everybody sings about love and nobody sings about potatoes and cakes. It is discrimination”, they concluded. 

MOLDOVA: Geta Burlacu

“Our conference will be very simple. I brought this bear (she holds teddy bear in her hands) from my child.” She says a bear symbolizes family and love and that is how their song looks like. “Everything is very simple and full of warmth. We are singing about love.” Geta says that ESC is very important for her and her country. “I come from a very small country. Very nice people live there.When asked how Moldova will attract the voters this year, Geta said that they are going to show their soul and they can sing. 


The members of the band explained that Miodio can mean two different things in Italian – either “I hate myself” or “Oh my god”. But they prefer the first, because that's their way of protest and reaction.

When asked about their marriage proposal to Charlotte Perrelli, they responded that they still hadn't met the Swedish delegation, but they're planning to do so. Regarding the rehearsal, the Head of Delegation said: “We just finished the second rehearsal. It was as good as the first one, maybe even better! We're ready for the first Dress Rehearsal on Friday.”


Belgium delegation came with the crocodile toys. They adopted a crocodile in the Belgrade Zoo and named it Julissi. They are happy with their second rehearsal. They sang a Serbian pop song they heard on the bus and liked it really much (Bajaga’s song “Moji su drugovi’). They said that people liked it (the song)because the message of the song is happiness and you don’t need a language to pass that message. At the end of the press conference they sang their 2008 entry “O Julissi”

AZERBAIJAN: Elnur & Samir 

Azerbaijan national specialties were served during the press conference .They invited everyone to come to their country. During the conference, the Azerbaijanian performer sang a very difficult-to-sing traditional Azerbaijanian song and impressed the press representatives.

SLOVENIA: Rebeka Dremelj

She stated that she wasn’t sarcastic when she said that the 1st rehearsal was awful. It was awful because of us really – Rebeka said (Quick quotes team is sorry for the misunderstanding). She added that the 2nd rehearsal went very well. “I would definitely prefer if there is only final, I would be in the final, it is OK. I don’t worry much if we come to the final or not. I will put all my forces to perform very well” (when asked about the 2 semi finals system). She sang a song in English and Slovenian. Slovenia is a very small country, it has only more than 2.000.000 people and we have our own language and if we don’t sing in our own language than we don’t deserve it. She also sang her Eurovision Song Contest entry. Slovenia will hold a party at club Teatro on Saturday at 11 o’clock.


“I think it went very well, we are pretty much pleased with the production, the background looks great” – Stian Malme, Head of Delegation of Norway, said. Maria added “I am really happy with the background and dress selection” (commenting the rehearsal). “Maria is great person, it is cool to work with her” – one of the delegation members said.  Maria and Mira sang a song from Maria’s newly released album. “I don’t wanna speculate. We just have to go with the flow and see what happens” (when asked what she thought about being positioned between Rebeka and Isis). She also sang one more song at the end of press conference. 

POLAND: Isis Gee

“We are really happy to be here in Belgrade, we are having fantastic time, we would like to thank to our hosts and drivers. Serbia is beautiful we were blessed with incredible weather, we are having a marvelous time meeting friendly people and being graced with good energy and vibes. I would really love to come back, to take a journey, like for a month to rent a car and ride around.” – Isis said.  “For Life is about finding your lifetime partner”(explaining what the song is about). She wrote the song for her husband. She took part in Polish version of “Dancing with the stars”. She sang a jazz song at the press conference. "My expectations for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest are to send love to everyone, to help us make steps as human beings to connect through our hearts and music", concluded Isis.

IRELAND: Dustin the Turkey

"We're enjoying Serbia so far, we're having a ball," said Dustin the Turkey during his second press conference.

When asked if he thought that Jean Paul Gautier would want to meet him or pluck him, Dustin said: "I'm looking forward to meeting him. I trust him completely!"

A journalist asked Dustin the life-long question: "What came first – the turkey or the egg?" "First of all, I'm an orphan, but I'd say it's the egg", replied Dustin.

When asked about his age, Dustin said: "You never ask a bird about his age!"


“My metal dress is a surprise and there are some compliments with the things I put today.” When questioned to make difference between Eurovision Song Contest in 2002 and 2008 she said: “I think that the Eurovision Song Contest changed a lot. I like this contest, but I think we must not loose the original. I think that music is most important thing, the performance is ok, it is necessary but is not the most important thing, I respect the music. We believe in the contest like the music show. I work a lot, when I don’t work I sleep. I like sport, I like to go for a walk at the beach or to go with my friends to the cinema (on her hobbies).” “The Casanova must be very honest, passionate, because my life is really mad, he must be faithful and he must love me over all – Gisela said. “Inspiration to write this song comes from the sky.” 


“We are very satisfied with our rehearsal. We had our 2nd rehearsal and I hope you are satisfied” – Maja Cengic , PR representative of the Bosnian delegation, said. “I would like to thank to the volunteers for very warm welcome” – Dejan Kukric, Head of Delegation of Bosnia and Herzegovina said. “Long live the volunteers” – Laka said after singing a song in which he used “Ti si se upiskila”(you pissed yourself) as the chorus line.“