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Quick quotes of Friday, 16th of May

18 May 2008 at 00:12 CEST

ARMENIA: Sirusho

“We had a very good time on the stage today. That’s why we’re in such a good mood. We had to change some things about our performance due to security reasons. Actually, the microphone was supposed to blow up at the end of the song! “Also, we have changed the position of back vocals – they were visible on stage before, but they’re not anymore,” added the Head of Delegation.

“But, I want them to be seen! Let’s change that! Let’s discuss it later,” Sirusho said, laughing.

 “Those were the best days of my life. We had so much fun and received so much attention from day one. It was wonderful! We visited France, UK, CzechRepublic, Germany, Russia, Spain, Georgia etc. and found out that our song had lot of fans in all countries we visited. The best thing about ESC is making friends with other participants” (talking about promo tour), concluded Sirusho.  


“The chandeliers on LED screens make the stage look very classy and we’re very happy about it.”(on rehearsal) At the beginning of the press conference Hind preformed a song followed by Vladimir on acoustic guitar. When asked about a special meeting she is rumored to have had in Belgrade she answered that she met Marija Šerifović and they talked about ESC. "I love to meet new people", Hind added.

Regarding the performance, she stated: "I'm happy how it looks. It looks very classy". 

During the second press conference, one of the back vocals said: “I’d like to represent our country in ESC next year!”

FINLAND: Teräsbetoni

“We are very pleased with everything. Everything has been professionally organized, and everybody has been nice and helpful” – a member of the Finnish delegation said. When asked what their band name means, he replied “It is construction material, it is concrete; very hard to break.” 

“We didn’t meet Lordi so we didn’t receive any advice. We won once so for sure it is possible,” when asked if they believe that metal / hard rock can win at the ESC. “We are very happy with the rehearsal everything went just fine, no problems at all” – they stated.

"Some members of our band were invited to a local metal bar on Monday," said the band leader.

ROMANIA: Nico & Vlad

When asked about 2nd rehearsal they replied: “It was ok, it was very hot and I feel a little bit dizzy now. We solved some problems we had before.” Asked how he felt about performing on a pop music festival since he is an opera singer, Vlad answered: “It’s a very nice, new experience, it’s a different feeling, audience and different music.”  “Singing with Nico is a dream come true for me.”  At the end of the conference Vlad sang “Nessun Dorma”.

RUSSIA: Dima Bilan

“Thank you for coming here and that you are still interested in what we do” – Dima said. 

“We have really wonderful feeling now after the second rehearsal," said Evgeny Pluschenko. "We're satisfied with the change we made. Everything happens for a good reason," said a member of the delegation (regarding the removal of the stairs). When asked if the ice on the stage was real and Evgeny Pluschenko said it wasn't. "Ice is not real one, it is plastic ice and it is not cold. It's hard to skate on it, but I'll perform anyway and we'll see what happens."

At the end of the conference, the three performers put on musketeer costumes. "All for one and one for all," they clamored during the photo shoot. 

GREECE - Kalomira

When asked who her favourites would be if she was not in the contest, Kalomira said: “I am in the contest. I can tell you a couple of songs I like and sing Bulgaria, Sweden, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Serbia. Jelena (the Serbian representative) is such a fantastic artist and she did the song in Greek which is so cool” –. She added that the rehearsal went well. “Thank you to everybody for support everybody have been so helpful and supportive”. She sang "Secret combination", the Greek Eurovision 2008 entry.

ICELAND: Euroband 

Euroband gave a mini concert at the press conference. 

They sang the 1978 winning song for Israel at the beginning of the press conference. Later on they sang My number one, the 2005 winning song and Hold me now by Johnny Logan.  “We love to sing together, we have good chemistry” – Euroband said.   When asked what their favorite song from Serbia or ex YugoslaviaLane Moje and Molitva”. They also sang their Eurovision 2008 entry in Serbian. They decided to sing their song in English because they felt it (the song) better that way. was, they responded: “

SWEDEN: Charlotte Perrelli

"We're very happy with the rehearsals today and the multi-camera production," said the Head of the Swedish delegation and added: "There are maybe 2 or 3 single shots that we want to alter a bit." He also said: “We are very satisfied with what RTS is doing for the Swedish delegation."

When answering one of the questions, Charlotte said: "ESC is a circus and by that I mean something fantastic, spectacular and beautiful we're all enjoying so much."

Charlotte was also asked who her personal hero was: "I think that would be my mother", answered Charlotte.

TURKEY: Mor ve Ötesi 

“Belgrade is nice city to live in.” – one of the band members said. “Since ‘98 we are playing together, from ‘95 to ‘98 we had different bass and guitar player. Our most important achievement is to stay together in a cultural setting as the Turkish alternative rock scene.” When asked why he was wearing a Nikola Tesla badge, one of the band members responded: “I am surprised and amazed that Serbs named their airport after Nikola Tesla. He is much more than scientist to me. I am big fan of Nikola Tesla.” They sang a song (not ESC 2008 entry) in Turkish.

UKRAINE: Ani Lorak

“I’m really enjoying staying here in Serbia. The weather is unbelievable and the people are great” – Ani said at the second Ukrainian press conference. She went on to say she is the UN good-will ambassador on HIV/AIDS in Ukraine and spoke about her charity work. She announced the Designers against AIDS event at the Press Centre; the delegation also announced that last year’s Ukrainian ESC contestant Verka Siducka will be present at tomorrow’s party at the Euroclub. Verka greeted the press through a promo video with the words “We are coming to encourage our darling Ani Lorak” 

LITHUANIA: Jeronimas Milius

During the second press conference of the Lithuanian Delegation, their HoD said: “ESC has really become a show contest and not the song contest. Why shouldn't we return to the true song?” 

When asked to comment on the fact that he would be the only participant alone on the stage, Jeronimas Milius said: “It made me a bit nervous, but quite excited at the same time.” The Head of the Lithuanian Delegation said: “Why should we do some additions when we have this good song?” Also, Jeronimas said “I'll just give the audience my emotions and tell them the story of my song.”

ALBANIA: Olta Boka

“First of all I want to thank all Serbian people for their hospitality. The 2nd rehearsal was better than the first, now I am more confident, more sure, therefore the 2nd rehearsal is more better then the 1st one” – Boka said. “We are all having splendid time here in Belgrade. First I took part in that festival because I wanted to promote myself, but I didn’t expect that I will represent my country. When they say my name I cried. Representing my country, it is more then a dream come true” – Olta Boka said when asked how it felt to win the most prestigious Albanian music festival. Olta Boka hopes that Albania and Serbia will have better relations. She sang the refrain of Albania’s Eurovision 2008 entry. Olta wants to be a doctor or to study biology.

SWITZERLAND: Paolo Meneguzzi


When asked to compare his first and second rehearsal, Meneguzzi said: "We made some changes. The floor was slippery, but I took different shoes and I'm ok now. I hope the video of the first time won't be on YouTube tomorrow, because I want to surprise the people and the first time was only for us, just the first check…"

When ask to comment on the Swiss national competition, the HoD said: "The tendency is going towards Swiss performers and not those from other countries, but the rules are the same so everybody can apply. I cannot guarantee anything.”