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Quick quotes Monday 12th of May

13 May 2008 at 13:30 CEST

IRELAND: Dustin the Turkey

Marija Serifovic had said that music should be listened to and not watched, a journalist stated, and asked Dustin what he thought about that. He answered that he met Marija and it is important to him that she is a pro, “she said I could win”

If he had to be served as food Dustin would love to be served with Isis Gee, since he said he is not 100 % a turkey but 90% a vulture.

Dustin said that he spends his day almost like every human. “I get up, have my breakfast and go to bathroom” – Dustin said. He expects to get 12 points from Turkey since his ancestors are from Turkey – he stated.


“We are very happy to be in Belgrade and to represent Andorra on Eurovision Song Contest.” When  asked  if she could compare her previously participation with this one, Gisela answered that last time she had enjoyed more and now she was under a greater pressure since she was familiar with the way everything works out. The delegation of Andorra said that they were satisfied with their first rehearsal and added that they were going to make some changes in order to make their performance more suitable for the stage. Regardless of some problem with sound during the rehearsal, they are hoping that everything is going to be all right. When questioned how did it look like being with Casanova at the stage she answered that it was every girl’s dream. Gisela sang her song for this year’s Eurovision entry at the press conference.

BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA: Elvir Lakovic Laka & Mirela

He started press conference telling about putting the chicken into the soup, but he said “ I was trying to be funny, it is trained animal and very much alive”.  Laka’s song tells about evolution – “ people not from monkey but from love”. “Let’s not behave like monkeys.” The head of  delegation  gave all compliments for great organization and added that he expect that this year’s Eurovision Song Contest would be best ever. 

ARMENIA:  Sirusho

Sirusho will be the first female and the third participant to ever represent Armenia at the Eurovision Song Contest. When asked if she felt nervous about going on stage, she replied that it was a great responsibility because the previous performers were very good. “My parents (mother – singer, father – actor), Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles and Lauryn Hill were the greatest influences to my music.” Also, she said that if somebody likes her songs, she immediately likes that person, she even feels related to them, because it means that they share the same feelings.  

“Serbia is very well prepared for the Eurovision Song Contest, particularly in the area of security. We were denied the use of pyrotechnics, which are a part of our choreography, for security reasons. We hope to have them for our next rehearsal. Such a high level of security is good, but it is not good when they do not do what they are supposed to.” She and her composer sang their favorite song and that was the first time they sang it together. 


“I am very happy to be here, because I have been a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest since childhood” - the young singer said. She also stated she likes the Eurovision Song Contest because all countries get the opportunity to sing in their own languages.  

She sang her number for the members of the press, accompanied by Vladan Nedeljkov on guitar; they were greeted by a massive applause. As she said, the first rehearsal went down quite well, she estimated the atmosphere was exciting and the stage was beautiful, as were the crew. 

FINLAND: Teräsbetoni

“The first rehearsal did not go down as expected, but the next one will be better.” the head of the delegation said. 

“Our song differs from the other songs which represented Finland. Time has come for change.” 

ROMANIA:  Nico and Vlad 

„Coming to the Eurovision Song Contest made our dreams come true, especially keeping in mind that this is my 6th attempt” – said Nico. Vlad said: “I am the first opera singer who won a contest like this in Romania. It caused a scandal.” When asked why they sang a part of the song in Italian, they replied it was because of the melodic characteristics of the Italian language. At the request of her fans, Nico sang a part of Duce Amaruie, her entry at the Golden Stag International Pop Music Festival in Romania. Vlad made a comment about having heard that Serbian girls are beautiful but still hadn’t had the opportunity to check. 

GREECE: Kalomira

“I think this Eurovision Song Contest is going to be the greatest ever” – Mariza Fakli, HoD Greece said. Kalomira first became acquainted with the Eurovision Song Contest 4 years ago. She sang a part of her song in Greek. “It is great to be at the Eurovision Song Contest, it is great to represent Greece, it is just fun. When you come to our party we are going to show you how Greek and Cyprian people have fun. My clothes are sparkling, they were made by J.Lo. Not J.Lo herself but her company” – Kalomira added.  “It was perfect (the rehearsal) and the microphone was OK. I went to Azerbaijan, Romania, Istanbul, Bosnia and we went here.” (speaking about her promo tour)

POLAND: Isis Gee 

When asked whether she knew Dustin the Turkey has a great crush on her, she answered that she was flattered but also said that her husband was sitting next to her. She sang the first song she had ever performed on stage “Do you love Jesus” a capella. The head of the delegation said that Poland would broadcast only the Semi-Final 1 night for many reasons. Isis was trying to persuade the Polish TV station to broadcast both: they are still trying. She sang a part of the song “Hidden Treasure” a capella. Julio Iglesias sent his best wishes to her before she came to Belgrade. Isis praised the organization of the Contest and said she was impressed with the number of people involved. She added that they loved it here and that Serbia is a lovely, hospitable country. 

RUSSIA: Dima Bilan

Evgeny Pluschenko, the Olympic figure skating champion, wished Dima the same results as he had already got in skating. Edwin Marton will play the first Stradivarius violin at any Eurovision Song Contest. “The three of us, we are believing.” Dima said that they were here “like heroes”. Asked if he felt any pressure after coming second in 2006, Dima said his situation was not a simple one. He wants to create an “emotional and true” show. He completed his American album and the Spanish version of “Believe”. Dima believes that every dream comes true. These two years have not been easy for him, so this (Believe) is “some kind of autobiographic song”. Asked what he will do if he does not enter the finals, he answered “I will not stop.” 

Dima sang “Believe” live with Edwin Marton playing the violin.