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Purple and Swarovski for Ireland's Niamh

23 May 2010 at 14:00 CEST

Niamh Kavanagh has arrived to Oslo with a very down to earth approach, talking openly to everyone and partying together with the fans. In the rehearsal on Sunday morning, she accordingly wore simple clothing, still waiting with revealing her stage costume.

But the costume to be worn in the broadcast was revealed later in the rehearsal. Members of the Irish delegation, including the Swedish songwriter Lina Eriksson, entered the stage holding the garments. This procedure is undertaken in order for the crew to be able to adjust the lighting. The dress revealed for Niamh is purple with clusters of Swarovski crystals, mixed with other glittering pieces. Members of the backing choir are wearing the same colour.

The Eurovision Song Contest veteran Niamh was relaxed during the rehearsal, goofing around to the attending journalists applauses. For this morning rehearsal, she didn't always go full force with the vocals, at one point even clearing her throat during the performance.

Niamh is supported by four backing singers, two male and two female. At one point during the first part of the performance, one of the female vocalists picks up a flute. As a trivia fact for the contest enthusiast, this backing singer is also named Niamh Kavanagh, being a cousin of the lead singer. As the music is pre-recorded, flutist Niamh doesn't actually add to the sound that the viewers are hearing from their TV's – nevertheless, she does actually play the flute in the performance.

The song was rehearsed both with and without smoke. The smoke adds a dimension to the performance, whirling in a wind machine during the most dramatic parts of the composition.

At this point, only subtle changes are discussed to the performance. The Irish delegation are aiming at a strong light emerging at the key change, as well as some camera adjustments. They still have three dress rehearsals, the first two on Wednesday, and one more on Thursday afternoon in order to get things perfect for the big night.


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Endures morning singing

Niamh emphasised that she didn't go one hundred percent for this rehearsal. She is focusing on the big night.

"Morning singing isn't a pleasure for anyone. But although it appears that I've been partying a lot, I'm very careful about my instrument. I haven't forgotten why I'm here. There's no point in getting this opportunity and then party too much," she said.

Niamh also presented her songwriters, two out of four present in Oslo as of yet. The red-haired Lina Eriksson, composer of a long range of entries in the Swedish national selections Melodifestivalen, was described by Niamh as her "evil twin". Furthermore, Niamh presented the Swede Jonas Gladnikoff, who also wrote Ireland's entry last year. The songwriters Niall Mooney and Mårten Eriksson,Lina's husband, are still not on location in Oslo.

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