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Pure elegance and emotion for Georgia

"This is a very happy day for us", Nodi Tatishvili told on the way to the soundcheck. "We are a little nervous - my heart is beating", Sophie Gelovani added. Still, the sympathetic duo seemed confident while preparing for their first rehearsal.

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When we asked Thomas G:son, who wrote Euphoria, last year's winning song by Loreen, if he expected yet another victory this year, he explained: "You can never expect to win. A victory depends on so many factors - the song, the singers, the stage setting, also the other songs in the competition. But I am confident, Nodi and Sophie are really great singers!"

On stage, the duo first faced each other, then they moved closer, holding hands. Smooth camera moves were supporting the gentle music piece, and both Nodi and Sophie carried the emotional mood well with their voices.

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On a stage set in dark colours, spotlights were shining on Nodi, Sophie and their three backing vocalists. Artificial smoke covered the stage floor, and a wind machine as well as additional smoke fountains were applied. Fitting the songtitle, a waterfall-like pyro effect was used during the last chorus, together with red flames.

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