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Promotion tours full speed ahead

03 April 2008 at 13:17 CEST

Azerbaijan's first attempt to win Eurovision Song Contest gold is certainly well-planned! After a spectacular national final in Baku, Elnur & Samir visited Greece, Ukraine and Latvia, Ukraine and Latvia, and can currently be spotted in Georgia. Next on the agenda are Malta, Romania, Andorra, Moldova and Slovenia.

Dima Bilan, this year's pride and hope for Russia, visited Turkey. Bilan, who already represented Russia in 2006 with Never Let You Go and finished second, gave several interviews and appeared on television. 

After a visit to Ukraine, DJ Bathazar & Deep Zone from Bulgaria will go to Malta (18th April) and then to London. They will also come to Croatia on their promotional tour across Europe.

Ukraine's Ani Lorak paid a visit to Belgium, where she didn't only promote her song Shady Lady, but also put the project Designers Against AIDS in the spotlights. Lorak, ambassador for the organization, wants to raise awareness and calls for more tolerance towards people infected with HIV. Later this month, Lorak will return to Belgium to attend a massive promotion event of the Belgian fan club Euro-Music, on the 26th and 27th of April. Besides Ani Lorak, Nico & Vlad from Romania, Laka from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Dima Bilan from Russia and Rebeka Dremelj from Slovenia have been announced to attend. More names are about to be released!

Do you have more information about the artists' promotion tours, or did you attend a performance in your area? Let us know! Send us your information (including source), photos Γ‘nd video to [email protected].