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Producers meet Natália in Austria to record postcard

26 March 2013 at 11:43 CET

Recently the filming of the so-called "postcards", the short clips that are aired before each singer performs on stage, has started. Unlike in most previous Eurovision Song Contests, the 2013 postcards will not be recorded in the host country but in the home towns of each participating artist.

Therefore a production team headed by Andreas Öhman (SVT) recently came to Austria to film the material together with Natália Kelly, the Austrian representative. You can already check out our photo gallery from the video shooting:

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The images were taken in Natália's home town Bad Vöslau and in the Austrian capital Vienna, where the team filmed at a concert of Mumford & Sons, on the popular Naschmarkt market, and at a hip-hop dance studio.

Natália obviously had fun during the postcard recording: "The two days of video shooting were very exciting and nice for me. I am proud to show my home town - whether it's Bad Vöslau or Vienna - to the whole of Europe", she said immediately afterwards. "I particularly liked the fact that I could actively play part in the shooting, and that my song will be introduced by a very personal clip", the young Austrian singer added.

SVT's Andreas Öhman commented on the postcard recording: "It's fabulous to work with Natália. She is a great talent in many aspects and she acts very natural in front of the cameras and on stage."

The postcard itself will be premiered in the First Semi-Final of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, on May 14th.