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Press conference with presenter Petra Mede

12 May 2013 at 16:03 CEST

At the press conference was Hostess Petra Mede; Show Producer, Christer Björkman and scriptwriter Edward af Sillén. 

Christer opened the conference by saying that when SVT realised they had won the contest, they decided instantly that they wanted "one voice to guide them through the live show". They also knew at that moment who had the qualities to present the Eurovision Song Contest. 

Petra actually started life as a ballet dancer in her childhood and attended the ballet academy before going professional when she was 18 years old. Unfortunately she was besieged by back problems and was forced to find another career. 

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In 2005 Petra fell into the world of comedy by attending a comedy competition with her best friend Madde who previously told her she was funny. She had also worked as a guide in Stockholm and "made people laugh, but not intentionally". 

When talking about how she feels about presenting the Eurovision Song Contest Petra said, "I get a bit nervous, but not that nervous, and that helps". She also drew on other experiences she had had, including presenting the Swedish national final, Melodifestivalen in 2009. 

Petra's dresses have been designed by Jean Paul Gaultier and involved a number of interesting trips to Paris for fittings. Petra said, "Gaultier designed these dresses especially for me". 

20 previous contests studied

Scriptwriter, Edward af Sillén told of how he assisted in writing the script for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo, Norway but at that point the vision for the contest was already in place. In Malmö, however, Edward said that he was part of creating the vision and that this was an exciting prospect. 

Both Petra and Edward answered a question about how to balance humour in the contest, bearing in mind that many nationalities and cultures are watching. Edward said, "we in Sweden are very keen to show what we have and can do but we like making fun of ourselves too, so we will take a few punches at Sweden during the show". 

In preparation Edward said he had given 20 VHS casettes to Petra of previous contests in order to give her an idea of how it is done (or even not done). 

When asked about what her plans are after the competition, Petra said that she wants to take some time off but that she has some acting plans in the pipeline.

Finally a question was asked about whether or not there will be any surprises along the lines of the 1985 Eurovision Song Contest, where presenter Lill Lindfors' dress had heads turning at the beginning of the voting. Petra only replied, "there are surprises but you'll have to wait to find out".