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Presenting: Theme Art of Eurovision 2014

18 December 2013 at 22:00 CET

"Eurovision diamond symbolises what the competition means to us: A hub that is at once sparkling and strong. Diamond has lots of different sides and shows the diversity and the richness that will be on stage at the Eurovision Song Contest," says the Executive Producer of the show, Pernille Gaardbo.

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She explains: "It emphasises visually the approach we have for the contest in 2014: The rawness of the B&W Arena combined with the sparkling show, and in the middle of the stage, the diamond as a unifying force, right where it's all done."

The theme art has the slogan #JoinUs at the heart of the diamond. "The idea is that the graphic to support our slogan #JoinUs," the Show Producer at DR, Jan Lagermand Lundme explained to us a bit ago.

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Even though the Eurovision Song Contest has had a logo since 2004 - the word Eurovision with a heart in the middle - every year the EBU encourages the host broadcaster to come up with a theme art that is specific to the event that year.