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Preparations at full speed at Eurovision Arena

08 April 2015 at 15:29 CEST

About 350 trucks will supply the city hall in the coming weeks with a total of 3,500 tons of material - a truly great challenge for the logistics team. "All registrations and license plates have to be checked and scanned by us," said Sabine Tuma, the manager of the team. Everything will mounted on the ceiling has to be checked by a scanner, everything that is placed on the ground will be examined by the sniffer dogs.

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Airport-like security

The security centre is well prepared for the upcoming event. "We are now occupied from around the clock," said Herbert Wagner, the security operations manager. With such a huge TV show the organisers should prepare for everything. At the song contest a particularly high level of security is required. "We have indeed own X-ray devices like at the airport and any other event," says Wagner.

Inside the hall work has already started as well. Christoph Malin and Matthias Hosp work on a time-lapse camera that shows how the stage is built. The camera will programmed by a remote control and you can then access it from anywhere.