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Powerful mix of sounds from Esma & Lozano

08 May 2013 at 13:17 CEST

A great and very powerful voice was heard in the press centre – it could only mean one thing, the diva Esma and her young colleague Lozano from F.Y.R. Macedonia had arrived in the Malmö Arena for their first rehearsal. met them, while Esma was whistling and practicing her distinctive voice, Lozano on the other hand was just chatting around.

He told us that they arrived yesterday and were all very excited to see the arena. Esma said "I’m great. And I looking forward to enter the stage and to feel it."

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The singers from F.Y.R. Macedonia wore casual wear today during their first rehearsal. However, they revealed the secret about their costumes for the Second Semi-Final. Esma will wear a red dress with Swarovski crystals made by the famous designer from F.Y.R. Macedonia, Elena Luka. Lozano will be wearing black and white on stage. His outfit  was designed by Viktoria Arsovska and Andrej Gjorgiovski.

Some of Esma's 48 adoptive children came to support her in Malmö. They are Simeon Atanasov who composed Esma’s part of the Eurovision song Pred Da Se Razdeni. Whilst her only one adopted daughter Eleonora Mustafovska is a backing vocalist on stage.

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Esma & Lozano delivered a very powerful performance and received a lot of applause. The artists appeared on stage each after the other, and worked on the different sides before coming together in the middle at the end of the song. Different colours appear on the projectors during the show: green, yellow, and purple, that fit the stage performance well.

After their rehearsal, the delegation from F.Y.R. Macedonia were heading to the Euroclub where Esma & Lozano were interviewed by the press.

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