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Powerful emotions from Portugal

16 May 2015 at 16:30 CEST
Leonor Andrade during the second rehearsal of Portugal Elena Volotova (EBU)
Leonor Andrade, 20, is one of the very young artists participating in this year's Eurovision Song Contest, and also an experienced one, as she just showed during her second rehearsal in Vienna today.

"It's 3 AM and the rain falls down in the city streets...". These are the opening lines in Portugal's song Há Um Mar Que Nos Separa (If It's The Sea That Separates Us) and, very conveniently, the backdrop shows projections of streets in a city while the singer Leonor Andrade is standing in front of them.

The Portuguese song is performed in their native Portuguese, making it one out of only six songs performed in a language, other than English in this year's competition, but Leonor displays a powerful vocal and visual interpretation of the song to convey the "longing for love" message it contains.

Leonor looks stunning, all in black, dominating the centre of the stage while her four backing singers are to her right and also wearing black outfits.

The light effects and stage illumination during Portugal's song are impressive, especially as the song progresses to the climax giving a really rocky feel to it.

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It's not a fight; we're partners in music

In Portugal's postcard we can see Leonor Andrade climbing some rocks in Austria, "so beautiful, but it was very very windy, and cold, only two degrees... I was dying! said the singer about her experience filming the postcard. "I was panicking, but I did it. When I was up, the view was amazing, I just couldn't believe it", Leonor followed.

She was asked about beating some big names in the national selection of her country: "I didn't see it like a fight, for me it was an honour to share the stage with such big artists, after all we're partners in music, and Simone is an example to follow for all of us Portuguese singers".

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The composer Miguel Gameiro talked about the lyrics of the song: "It talks about about a lot of things that separate us, not only the physical but all of them, I was thinking about the people going abroad to find a job outside Portugal these days". For him "it's a big honour to be here in Eurovision, as a composer".

How did Miguel and Leonor got along since this collaboration started? "I saw Leonor in the Portuguese competition with a great attitude and strength and, as a songwriter, it's an honour to work with her. So we'll be working together in an album, because she is a great artist". Miguel concluded.