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Powerful chanson from France

20 May 2015 at 13:15 CEST
This year's French representative Lisa Angell has a strong message for the audience in the Wiener Stadthalle - don't repeat the mistake of the past generation, and create the world without war. It is the song of "hope and peace, of courage and solidarity".

"I am thrilled by all the technical works that have gone into my act. It's a magnificent, magical stage. It was great to see all those pictures that are displayed behind me on the LED background - it's just beautiful. I don't have any worries. Everything supports the image of the song", Lisa Angell stated before her second rehearsal. 

"It's great to have such a perfect possibility for rehearsals here, it gives you all the security you need to deliver a good performance on the day of the Final", she added before proceeding to the stage.

A strong woman with a strong message

Lisa Angell’s vocal performance is to be put forward. The artist could be any woman, she is not a fashion pop singer; she could be anyone you know who experienced a hard situation and who’s fighting not to remain passive in the situation.

Lisa sings this story with a lot of emotions. She remembers the time when her village was beautiful, when men went to the fields to harvest, when children laughed and played.

Behind the singer there are four men, at the rear of the stage. They symbolise freedom, help, solidarity and confidence. And at the moment when she sings about the hope to find back the happy life again, they go on and walk to her. All of them hold a drum with a shoulder strap. They approach the singer as if they were recognising her courage and supporting her in her fight. The image of the four man who symbolise this solidarity is multiplied on the screen and give the impression that all the village is helping her.

Gallery: Second rehearsal of the French entry

"It's amazing moment for me"

In the French press conference, Lisa Angell told how amazed, touched and happy she was to be in Vienna.  She apologised by saying "I am sorry about my English, but I make a progress." 

The French participant talked about the stage settings during the show: "It was Natalie Andre, who chose the song. She also had a vision about the drummers. But as only six persons can be on stage, we came to this graphics idea."

Natalie Andre, the Head of the Entertainment France 2, also said that it was important to daw the story of a woman in the middle of the village. Lisa translated the title of her song in English - "Don’t Forget".

"It is the song about peace and hope. It was important for us to underline the role of a woman as women often stay in the shadow," - Lisa Angell said.

Lisa Angell sang some of the French chansons for the audience.

Lisa Angell was drawn to perform in the first half of the Grand Final.

Gallery: Press conference with Lisa Angell