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Recording a postcard in Amersfoort
Recording a postcard in Amersfoort
Photo: EBU / Stijn Smulders

Postcards from the Netherlands soon to be delivered

Late last year the Host Broadcasters (NPO/NOS/AVROTROS) invited public submissions for unique places in the Netherlands that could be used for Eurovision Song Contest postcards.

As revealed in February, the first three postcards were recorded at the Lighthouse Westhoofd in Ouddorp, the flying-saucer shaped Evoluon in Eindhoven, and on the ice in Nannewiid, Friesland.

As postcard production nears completion, can share with you a special behind-the-scenes video available to watch on the official Eurovision YouTube channel. It features an exclusive interview with Head of Show Gerben Bakker, shot when the postcards for Veluwezoom National Park and the Koppelpoort (a medieval gate in Amersfoort) were being filmed.

'Ne Partez Pas Sans Baa' - Gerben Bakker with a flock of sheep in Veluwezoom National ParkEBU / Stijn Smulders

Bakker explains how the postcard locations were picked:

“I wanted us to showcase the most vibrant and unique locations our country has to offer. Somewhere like Veluwezoom is an impressive natural wonder, but we also wanted to show architecture and city life too.

Where possible we have tried to make a connection between the Eurovision artists and the location here in the Netherlands. So, for example, Montaigne from Australia is a soccer player, so we shot her postcard in the Sparta Rotterdam football stadium.

Go_A are all about nature and tradition, so we are here among the sheep, heathlands and sand drifts of our protected Veluwezoom National Park - one of the most beautiful places in the country.”

A drone flying through the Tiny House in AmersfoortEBU / Stijn Smulders

Each postcard will feature a ‘tiny house’ which will provide a home for the story and personality of each country’s act. This means artists can still be introduced from special places all around the Netherlands, allowing the host country to shine even if acts cannot travel there in advance of the Contest as they traditionally would.

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