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Portugal: From Baku to Lisbon in three minutes

18 May 2012 at 18:37 CEST

While Filipa Sousa visited the make-up artist backstage, she had a conversation with's backstage crew. "I just loved the images of Portugal on the LED background when I saw them for the first time in the viewing room after my first rehearsal", she stated.

"I'm really overwhelmed to sing on this big stage", she described her feelings. About her first rehearsal, she told us that everything had been already very good, and that only minor improvements were being applied for the second one.

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In her second rehearsal, Filipa performed in a colourful summery dress, and the backing vocalists wore casual clothes. She was walking over the stage, and the pictures from Lisbon in the background made it look like she had an evening walk there.

The song Vida Minha, which was written by Croatian Andrej Babić, has a melancholic Fado vibe about it. The romantic stage act, Filipa's gentle vocals, and the soft lyrics in Portuguese language made it stand out from the other entries in this Semi-Final.

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In the press conference, an Azerbaijani journalist said she was astounded by Filipa's voice, and she asked if she would continue her Fado career in Portugal after the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. "I'm not yet a well-known singer, but I would definitely stick to my Fado roots", Filipa answered.

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"We still hope - that's why we are here! I don't know if it will be this year, but we are doing our best, and we got nice comments before we came here. Let's see. I don't know if it's enough, but we surely hope so", Filipa Sousa stated on her expectations to win the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time for Portugal.

Filipa Sousa then went on to sing a Fado song accappella, even involving the press audience, who all had to sing E Fado along with her.