Portugal: Elegance in shades of purple


Portugal's second rehearsal started with a huge applause from the Portuguese delegation, who were obviously pleased with the impressive stage-setting, dressed in various shades of white, pink and purple. This really helps to accentuate this powerful ballad along with the black piano and burning candle on stage. 

This time round Filipa is dressed in a stunning white dress with a black belt and a black bracelet on her arm. Her backing singers are also in their costumes that match Filipa's dress but by no means overshadow it. 

In terms of her performance, Filipa continues to give a perfect rendition of her song, Há DIas Assim, which she hopes will power her into the Final on the 25th of May. asked the Head of Delegation if any changes had been made to the performance to which they revealed that apart from some changes in the lighting, they were satisfied with the stage performance.


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"I feel like a princess on stage"

Filipa and her team had got out of their costumes and turned up at their press conference looking relaxed and satisfied. Filipa introduced the team to the waiting press. 

They were asked how the rehearsal went to which Filipa replied "It was perfect", showing her satisfaction with the rehearsal. She also went on to say, "I feel confident on stage, and I wish for everyone to like me"

The composer said that he wrote the song from the bottom of his heart, and that although it wasn't originally written for Filipa, he said that it was changed to suit her voice. However, if he was going to write a similar song again he would most definitely want Filipa to sing it. He added that she has "the voice and soul". 

Filipa was asked what she has been up to since the first rehearsal to which she replied, "we have been to museums, on boat trips around Oslo, making new friends and going to Euroclub. It's been a lot of fun".

As is customary with press conferences, Filipa was asked to sing, and gave a rendition of the 1994 Portuguese entry, Charmar A Musica that was originally performed by Sara Tavares. Sara has been a great inspiration to Filipa over the years. She also sang the English version of her song Há Dias Assim. 

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