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Portugal: Between Romance and Heartbreak

Marco Brey
Posted 13 May, 2015, 16:44

Strong passion, romance, and heartbreak - this is the theme of the Portuguese entry in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest Há Um Mar Que Nos Separa, the translation of which means "There is a sea that separates us". The emotional song, presented by charming and beautiful Leonor Andrade in her native Portuguese language, is being rehearsed for the first time in the Wiener Stadthalle today. Check out our live report!

On the way to the stage, one of the backing artists had to help Leonor carrying the train of her long dress. Black was the main color of the stage costumes in the Portuguese act: The artists on stage were wearing black, including stylish black hats.

The atmosphere created by Leonor's passionate performance and the stage setting was melancholic but powerful, supporting the theme of her song: Romance and heartbreak.
The background scenery was showing symmetrical sceneries from a big city as well as waves in blue, black and white, with Leonor standing in the main spotlight. In the chorus, Leonor starts to dance, and wind machine effects let her hair and dress wave.

Backstage before the First Rehearsal

Leonor Andrade, at just 20 years, is one of the youngest artists competing in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest but she already has a lot of stage experience: She took part in The Voice of Portugal, won Festival da Canção, the national selection for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, and she says about herself that she has always sung in her whole life.
Thus, when arriving at the Wiener Stadthalle, she was not nervous at all but very relaxed, even introvert. "Of course I am excited before going on stage but I am never nervous", she explained to "I just do some concentration exercises and vocal training, that's all" - you can watch a bit of that in our Backstage video below.
Leonor was wearing a stylish black hat backstage - will she also wear that in her Semi-Final performance? "We are trying it out with the hats today but we are not sure if we keep it." 
Leonor Andrade backstage before her rehearsal
Leonor Andrade backstage before her rehearsal
Marco Brey
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