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Pop meets folk for FYR Macedonia

27 February 2013 at 22:59 CET

The entry of FYR Macedonia in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest has been premiered tonight in a special TV show on MRT. Imperija, sung by Esma & Lozano, is a catchy mix of pop, dance and folk music. Thus it combines both Lozano's background as a contemporary pop singer, and the gypsy music style Esma Redžepova is well-known for. The song is sung entirely in the Macedonian language.

During the show, Esma and Lozano performed entries from their repertoires. The Queen of Gypsy music sang one of her most popular songs Chayorie Shukarie with the Big Band. Lozano performed Johnny Logan’s winning entry Hold Me Now in the 1987 Eurovision Song Contest. Moreover, the duo sang together a Macedonian traditional composition called Blaguno Deyche.

Kaliopi, the FYR Macedonian representative in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, was a special guest of the show - she sang her Eurovision entry Crno I Belo for the public.

The music video of Esma & Lozano’s entry will be available on our site in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned with!