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Pollapönk (Iceland): No prejudice in Eurovision!

28 April 2014 at 16:10 CEST

Pink, blue, red and yellow. Each member of the icelandic rock quartet has an outfit in a different colour. Even the stage and lights look very colourful. However, this year’s Eurovision entry from Iceland deals with the important issue: prejudice. Their discography confirms how could their songs and stories really are. Since mid 90s, Haraldur Freyr and Heidar Orn are writing their own track, getting a lot of attention and amazing response from the audience in Iceland, also because they have a good sense of humor.

Say no to bullying

But this time it’s different they say. Pollapönk has serious aim and it’s to help eradicate prejudice and bullying through the medium of music. The song, No Prejudice (Enga fordóma) is typical of this running theme in all their work. “It is all about a young person who has a speech impediment and is afraid of being teased or bullied because of it”, the band explains.

No Prejudice celebrates diversity and should help to eliminate all forms of discrimination, bullying and prejudice, with the message that every individual has the right to live harmoniously with the rest of the world. "Eurovision itself is a uniquely diverse institution and Pollapönk are proud to use this musical stage to send their positive message out across Europe to millions of viewers", Heidar and Haraldur added.

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Besides tthe wo of them, Pollapönk band has two more members, as it is a rock quartet after all. Arnar Thor Gislason who is a drummer, but also Haraldur‘s brother - and bassplayer Gudni.

Iceland is taking part in the First Semi-final this year and Pollapönk are performing fifth on 6th of May in B&W Hallerne.

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