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Poli Genova: "I really miss Eurovision!"

19 November 2016 at 16:50 CET
Poli Genova had a first taste of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011 in Düsseldorf, which left a big impression on her. She was missing it so much that, since then, she hosted the Junior Eurovision last year in Bulgaria, came back to represent her country in 2016 in Stockholm and is now back as a guest here in Valletta!

Poli Genova has been living a truly Eurovision experience in the last twelve months. After hosting last year's Junior Eurovision Song Contest she came back with a bang at the "adults" contest in Stockholm earlier this year: "If Love Was A Crime was really a big big adventure. Something which we never expected. We didn’t expect the result at all! We just loved our song".

Poli actually reached 4th place giving her country, Bulgaria, their best placing so far in the history of the competition: "One of my dreams came true, again, and now as I’m here, back in the Junior Eurovision as a guest, it’s like another dream come true. So I’m gonna be careful with what I’m dreaming because in the end everything happens, really!"

Would the singer come back to the contest? "Actually if some day I have a good project or a very good song, probably I could return again, because you know Eurovision is a world, is a community ...friends everywhere. I can feel like it’s home for me. Both the Junior and the "big" Eurovision".

So, does it mean she misses it? "Being in the venue today I thought, I really miss all these things! I want to come back, to still be attached to Eurovision in any way, even if it’s as assistant camera director"!

If Love Was A Crime has been a big success during the summer not only in Bulgaria but in other countries as well, in Greece, in Israel. "People are still writing to me, loving it and waiting for something new. A lot of things will happen in the future".

What will happen with Poli Genova in the nearest future? "I’m very proud to announce that I’ll be a coach in the new season of The Voice Bulgaria and you’re the first media I’m telling about it and I’m so excited! I’m very proud to be working with new talents and, if I keep dreaming big, I wish that one day I can be judging in bigger countries like the US!

With your experience, what would be your advice for Bulgarian Television for future Eurovision Song Contests? "To trust more in the Bulgarian artists because they’re really prepared for that. I'd also ask them to give more. To give more attention and, not just trust, but to believe more in the artists".

What can we expect from Poli Genova in this Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016? "Our favourite song from this year If Love Was a Crime in a different way, you will see it!"