Poli Genova (Bulgaria) 1st press conference


“It’s a dream come true for me, I’ve always wanted to be on this real world stage,” Poli happily admits. After the first rehearsal, she praises the sound quality; the whole team is thoroughly enjoying working with professionals, she adds.

 One of these professionals is in her team: Viennese producer David Bronner and his colleagues collaborated with her and in a matter of hours, they had the song written, sung, arranged and performed. Not that this is how easy songs are to write, David explains: “But if there is a flow then a piece can be written quickly.” It turns out to be a testimony for the good team spirit among everyone involved.

 The decision to sing the song in Bulgarian was unanimous. “The English version just doesn’t bring the meaning of the lyrics across,” as the young singer puts it. “Sung in Bulgarian, they are very powerful and give us a lot of energy.” She reveals what the song is all about: “You can do everything, whatever is in your way, you can overcome it. Make use of the inner strength that you have.”

 Inner strength is what she hopes to help children tap. Poli is part of the UNICEF charity project called The Magnificent Six. “It is a programme in which we help disabled children and orphans. Sadly, this is a big problem in Bulgaria”, she says. It is her hope that the project, which is aired in collaboration with Bulgarian national television, can help solve such problems.





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