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Poland: Where is Donatan?

Cleo, the blond girl with the Polish charm and a black voice told us a bit about her career and collaboration with Donatan: "I am a singer, songwriter and a chorus gospel girl. I have been working with Donatan for two years already. Within some months, our song My Słowianie – We Are Slavic, produced by Donatan, became very successful in Poland."

On stage, Cleo will be accompanied by three backing vocalists and two "farm girls". "No, I am not sad that I am not on stage. Well the song is about our charming beauty, so Cleo has a great support from the folk group Mazowzse," Donatan explained that he will keep his fingers crossed in the green room. "When we found out that we would represent our country in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, we decided to take the Polish Folk Group of Song and Dance Mazowsze. They are not only popular, but also very beautiful and talented", Cleo said.

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“The name of our folk group Mazowsze, comes from the region in the east-central Poland, Mazowia. The colours and decorations on our costumes are also colours of our region,” Alesia Turonak, one of the vocalists from Mazowsze said.    

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Our video reached 45 million views. We didn’t expect it and it feels great. It also most viewed in some western countries like the UK and Germany", Donatan said.

Just before the Second Semi-Final, Donatan & Cleo met the German band Elaiza. The lead singer Ela, who is half Polish, wished good luck for Donatan & Cleo tonight! German viewers can vote for their favourites in the Second Semi-Final!

(c) Rolf Klatt (NDR)

The Polish participants are going to continue their career together after the Eurovision Song Contest. “We are going to record an album in R’n’B style. Now we think about its title,” Donatan said.
“If Poland wins, where will it take place?” we wondered. “Warsaw… Gdansk… No, Krakow!”, the Polish participants started proposing, “you know, we have so many nice cities,” one of the backing vocalists laughed.