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Poland: Slavic charming beauty

03 May 2014 at 15:47 CEST

This year’s Polish entry is not only about the beautiful Slavic girls, with strong characters and good vocals. Other elements, familiar to many Slavic cultures, are also present in their vivid and bright show: white and red ornaments shown on the LEDs, the wreath made of flowers, national costumes and, of course, the elements of Slavic folk music.

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During their second rehearsal, Cleo and her girls used all their “charming beauty” and delivered a great, energetic and vocally strong performance. They got a big applause from press at the B&E Hallerne. Do you also feel like dancing when you watch their video?

Very busy between rehearsals

Between the first and the second rehearsals Donatan & Cleo haven’t had free time to enjoy Copenhagen. The singers flew back to Poland where they gave three concerts in different cities. “We give 25 concerts per month,” Donatan told But next week we will definitely go on tour to see this wonderful city!” Marcin Owczarek, the Donatan & Cleo’s manager said.

All in all, the Polish delegation was satisfied with their first rehearsal. “If there are any changes, we’ll do them very spontaneously, during the second rehearsal,” said Donatan.

"In Poland, a woman can be politician and at the same time look beautiful!"

The first question in the Polish press conference was why Donatan & Cleo decided to change the original song version and sing in English and Polish. “With our song we want promote our country, but we also want you to understand what we are singing about,” Donatan answered.

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Another question was about the cooperation about Donatan & Cleo and the Polish folk dance group Mazowzse. “It was easy to combine our music with the Polish entry. Our performances are also folk performances and we are young girls,” one of the dancers answered. “Our music is rhythmic so it isn’t difficult to cooperate,” Cleo added.

“There are no subtext in our performance. Take it with humor! We are not ashamed to show our beauty on stage,” Danatan answered the question about showing a lot of cleavage on stage.