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Who's up for some Polish pop?

09 February 2018 at 09:00 CET
Kasia Moś sings Flashlight for Poland. Andres Putting
Polish broadcaster TVP has revealed the ten acts that are in the running to represent Poland in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. The final will take place on Saturday 3rd March.

Last year Kasia Moś represented Poland in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Flashlight and now the search is on to find her successor. 

The Polish national selection for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Warsaw and will see 10 acts compete for the right to represent Poland in Portugal. The winner will be decided by a combination of public and jury votes.

The participants in Poland

1. Saszan – Nie chcę ciebie mniej

2. Monika Urlik – Momentum

3. Isabel Otrebus – Delirium

4. Ifi Ude – Love is stronger

5. Future Folk – Krakowiacy i górale

6. Gromee feat. Lukas Meijer – Light me up

7. Marta Gałuszewska – Why don’t we go

8. Pablosson – Sunflower

9. Maja Hyży – Skin

10. Happy Prince – Don’t let go

Poland's Eurovision success

Paulina Bidzińska won the 2017 edition of Eurovision Young Dancers for Poland in December. It was the second consecutive year that the country won the competition. Poland is also the most recent winner of Eurovision Young Musicians. The 2018 contest will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland in August,

Poland first entered the Eurovision Song Contest in 1994, finishing second with Edyta Gorniak's powerful ballad To nie ja! Since then Poland has never made the top five but has qualified for the Grand Final every year since 2014.