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Poland: Greetings from Slavic Girls!

This year, the Polish broadcaster TVP made their decision internally. In tonight’s talk show Świat Się Kręci (The World Goes Around), the duo Donatan & Cleo were announced as the representatives in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. With their song My Słowianie (Slavic Girls), Donatan & Cleo want "to show the best they have in their country," Donatan said and looked at Cleo.

Donatan is famous in Poland as a music producer. In October 2013, he and the singer Cleo released together their song My Słowianie. Their video clip has become popular on youtube where it was viewed more than 38 million times. Last year, the single My Słowianie also reached top ten in charts. 

One of the important guests in tonight’s show was Michał Wiśniewski, the Polish representative in the 2003 and 2006 Eurovision Song Contest. He shared his experience about Eurovision Song Contest with the public.

About Donatan and Cleo

Donatan’s real name is Witold Czamara. Since 2002, he is famous as a music producer in the hip-hop scene. In 2010, Donatan reached the top ten in the hip-hop ranking of the best Polish music producers. He has been living in Russia for the last eight years.

Cleo’s real name is Joanna Klepko. The collaboration with Donantan is the first big success in her music career. The singer took part in the choir Soul Connection.