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Poland decides on Valentine's Day

25 September 2009 at 23:03 CEST

Today, TVP announced the rules for the upcoming national selection. Once again, it'll be an open contest. The songs can be sent in till the 2nd of November and have to  comply to the rules of not being published before the 1st of October and can be three minutes in length.

Another rule is that only Polish singers can take part, the song writers should be of Polish origin but this is not an absolute requirement. 

This year a professional jury has been abandoned in the final and the decision will be only up to the televoters. The jury will select five to ten tracks to take part in the show but the exact number of it depends on the submitted entries. The finalists will be announced on the ninth of November. 

At the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest Poland didn't qualify for the Final with Lidia Kopania's I Don't Wanna Leave, unfortunately. She finished twelfth in the second Semi-Final.