Poland: Ballad with ballet


Lidia Kopania was performing her song I Don't Wanna Leave in front of LEDs with rain clouds which changed into falling rose leaves on the blue background. The singer was standing in the middle of the stage while a ballet couple was dancing. Although the singer had a sore throat, she tried her best in her first rehearsal with the help of three backing vocals. The ballet couple fit the Polish entry in a very elegant way. They were wrapped in white ribbons at the beginning, symbolizing unity and, later on they started playing with a red ribbon.


Lidia Kopania has released three albums so far: Beating The Morning Rush (2004) which was released in Germany as well, Intuicja (2006) and Przed Świtem in 2008. When producing her latest record, Lidia cooperated with German composers Bernd Klimpel and Jens Lueck, and also with Rob Hoffman and Heather Holly - the latter have been behind the success of stars such as Janet Jackson, Phil Collins, Sheryl Crow, Michael Jackson, Hole, Quincy Jones and many more. Lidia's voice covers a four-octave vocal range and is regarded as one of the best voices in her native country Poland. In February, she won the Polish national final for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest against 9 competitors.

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In the press conferece Lidia Kopania was asked why she chose not to sing her song in Polish. The singer said that the English lyrics was self-evident because the song authors were from the United Kingdom and Germany. She confirmed that a Polish version would appear later. The lead singer was also asked what profession she would choose if not the one of a singer. Lidia said, her dream had been to become a doctor and that in a way she even was a doctor today, healing wounds of the soul with her songs. Patrycja Gola, a backing singer, was asked to compare her experience this year with being a backing vocalist in 2001 for the Polish representative Piasek. She said that actually not much has changed according to her.

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