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Poland: A song about tolerance, hope and love

14 May 2015 at 20:22 CEST
Monika Kuszyńska's dream came true and now she represents Poland in Vienna. Her husband and her sister accompany and support the singer during her Eurovision journey. Monika brought her song In The Name Of Love to this year's Contest. The song is full of courage, decisiveness and willingness to change life for better.

Let the trees bloom in Monika’s entry!

The singer like Monika Kuszyńska knows how to appreciate the positive and warm things in life. This feeling she brings on stage through very tender pink and pastel colours, and makes the trees bloom on the background.

As the song In The Name Of Love is Monika’s and her husband composition, she sings it from the bottom of her heart, real and truly. Her husband accompanies her on stage playing piano, so now everything "is gonna be better". On the screens in the arena, the photos from Monika's past are shown. They are in black and white and are the history that the singer will not forget. But now she is on the colourful stage singing a romantic song, sharing her positive energy with her fans and presenting them her great voice.


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"I am surrounded by my closest family"

One of Monika’s dearest family members came to support her in Vienna. And last but not least, her husband, Kuba Raczyński, will accompany the singer on stage, playing piano. Having her family with her, gives the Polish representative power and a plenty of positive energy.

The music of In The Name Of Love was composed by Monika's husband, Kuba Raczyński, and she wrote the lyrics: "It is our 'baby', not the first one as we speak about songs - we make music for a long time. But this time, it is a bigger thing for us", the singer said.

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The Eurovision Song Contest is “an amazing event” for the Polish artist. Her first memories go back to the Polish debut of 1994 where Edyta Górniak came second with her song To Nie Ja. Moniaka has very bright memory of that show: “I am a huge fan of Edyta Górniak. It was the first time that the Eurovision show was on the Polish TV, and I kept my fingers crossed for her. I was 14 then. Back then I thought ‘Wow, how amazing it would be to sing in the Eurovision Song Contest’ one day!’ And now, her dream came true - Monika Kuszyńska represents her country in Vienna with her great ballad In The Name Of Love.