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Pictures: Ecological dress for Emmelie in Malmö

02 May 2013 at 15:14 CEST

Emmelie de Forest has been a huge discussion point since she won the Danish national final in January. Her song has shot up the bookmakers' lists to emerge as one of the forerunners to win this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö.

Now we can reveal the dress she hopes will help her to the top, designed  by Danish designer Anja Elefteria. It is cream in colour made from ecological, unbleached cotton.

"We have chosen the dress based on a style that suits Emmelie. It shouldn't be squinned or too feminine. Instead it was all about preserving something of Emmelie's youthfulness and her hidden sensuality", said Anja to Danish broadcaster, DR.

See pictures of the dress below:

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The dress was chosen by Emmelie and one of the writers of Only Teardrops, Lise Cabble and was originally a "basic model" that was specifically readjustered and tailored for Emmelie.

"It was important for me to get a glimpse into Emmelie's life and to see how she moves. We human beings have different expressions and movements. In Emmelie I see a girl who most definitely knows what she wants".

An almost unchanged performance

It is very usual for countries to change how their songs will be performed on stage ahead of the Eurovision Song Contest, but Emmelie de Forest and her stage instructor Niclas Bendixen have decided to leave her performance pretty much the same as it was in Danish national final in Herning in January, but with a few minor differences.

"We are trying to create a near-copy of what we did in Herning. The whole world has been in and seen Emmelie online. They know what they want and it is exactly that. So creating a completely new impression would be a shame because you also have to please the audience", explains Niclas to DR.

"It (the performance) has been strengthened and I think it is an improved version. It is better but more simple. It really suits the stage design", said Emmelie herself.

See a video below where DR journalist Søren Bygbjerg speaks to both Emmelie and Niclas about the performance in Malmö. It is only in Danish:

Learn to play the whistle

Jacob Baagøe Thomsen is the man who will play the now infamous penny whistle on stage in Malmö during Emmelie de Forest's performance on the 14th of May and now you can learn how to play it too! As the old saying goes, "you can never have enough understudies".

All you need is the video below, a penny whistle and some written instructions by clicking here.