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Hungary replaces finalist Petruska with Gergő Oláh due to plagiarism

18 February 2019 at 20:19 CET
Hungary: Petruska (left) is replaced by Gergő Oláh (right) in 'A Dal' final due to plagiarism claim MTVA
Broadcaster MTVA has decided that his entry 'Help Me Out of Here' plagiarises the song 'White Sky' by Vampire Weekend and that he is therefore disqualified. Petruska performed in the first semi-final of Hungary's national selection 'A Dal' on the 9th of February and managed to qualify for the final.

Internationally renowned expert Gyula Fekete, vice-rector of the Liszt Academy of Music: 

"The key, tempo, arrangement and harmonic structure, the characteristic bassline and the use of melodies are identical in these two songs. The characteristic chorus of the Vampire Weekend song is echoed in the song by Petruska that makes the mood and character of Help Me Out of Here identical to that of White Sky.  Although many popular hit songs use the same musical inventory and are therefore similar to each other, the above-mentioned parameters of the song by Petruska are similar to the Vampire Weekend song in too many ways which means that Help Me Out of Here can be regarded as plagiarism."

The producers have replaced Petruska with Gergő Oláh, who received the highest amount of points from both the audience and the jury with his entry Hozzád bújnék.

Tune in this Saturday at 19.30 CET to watch the final of A Dal 2019 with Joci Pápai, Bogi Nagy, Gergő Szekér, Fatal Error, Gergő Oláh, Acoustic Planet, Bence Vavra and The Middletonz.