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Petr Elfimov: "My nation is one of the most generous!"

11 May 2009 at 23:52 CEST

Every year, during the rehearsals for the Eurovision Song Contest, the Belarusian delegations are popular for their extravagant press kits and souvenirs, especially sweets. asked the representative in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, Petr Elfimov, to share his thoughts about that fact. Petr described his nation as a very generous, friendly and helpful. The Belarusian delegation tried to prove that by bringing national souvenirs to everybody this year: a CD, a bottle of vodka, and loads of ice cream.

Asked how his rehearsals had proceeded so far, Petr said he was very satisfied and had being keeping his fingers crossed for the First Semi-Final. The artist also ensured us that it was a big honour for him to take part in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. He admitted that he would be very happy if he comes to the Final or even wins.


Petr also told about his career plans: "Although I am famous for being a rock and pop musician, I am studying to become a professional opera singer." Commenting on the meaning of the person in a white sheet in his entry, he said that it was a reflection on the feelings he was singing about. When we asked Petr Elfimov about  the logo used on his promo material and its similarity to the logo of the Dutch capital Den Haag, the Belarusian singer said it had to be a very big coincidence. He explained that the logo symbolized a stork. wishes Petr Elfimov the best of luck in the First Semi-Final of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest!