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Pernilla sings to her mum

01 May 2012 at 16:40 CEST

När Jag Blundar, the delicate and beautiful song that Finland sends to the Eurovision Song Contest this year has family values. The song is written and produced by Jonas Karlsson, brother of the 21 years-old performer Pernilla Karlsson, and recorded in their home studio.

In the following video, filmed at the Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam, she explains to us that the song is a gratitude song dedicated to their mother:

Pernilla sings in Swedish, a minority language in Finland, but she believes that the message is universal "after all there is an instinctive bond between a mother and her child". The performer is delighted to be able to sing it to all of Europe on the First Semi-Final of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest on the 22nd of May.

To learn more about Pernilla and watch the clip of the Finnish entry När Jag Blundar (When I Close My Eyes) check out Finland's participant profile right here on!