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Pernilla sings for her mum on Mother's Day

13 May 2012 at 18:47 CEST
Pernilla represented Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 EBU

Before the rehearsal, we asked Pernilla about her feelings before going on stage. The artist said that she is very excited but she feels good. Pernilla dedicated her song När Jag Blundar to her mother, where she expresses gratitude for motherly love and understanding. The artist told that her mother likes the performance very much and she will come to Baku to support her daughter in the First Semi-Final to be held on the 22nd of May. 

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Since the introduction of the free language rule from the 1999 contest, Sweden has never performed in Swedish in the Eurovision Song Contest. It's therefore the first time since then that a song in the Swedish language is taking part. Pernilla told us that it was a very natural choice to sing in that language as her mother and her are native speakers. The artist said that it's good for them that there was no performance in Swedish for such a long time.

Pernilla wore a beautiful green dress and a black jacket on stage. She was accompanied by a cello player. The singer was surrounded by colourful spotlights. The starry sky and the fireworks appeared on the LED screens in the background and created a romantic atmosphere on stage.

Pernilla performed secure on stage and impressed the press and fans in the arena with her soft voice.  

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In the press conference, Pernilla said that she was very happy to be here in Baku. She congratulated all mothers with Mother's Day.

A journalist from the Netherlands asked Pernilla if she is ready for an international career as she is new in the show business. The singer answered that she is ready for everything and also for the international career.

The artist was asked how it feels to work together with her brother Jonas Karlsson who has written the song När Jag Blundar and if they fight. Pernilla said that she and her brother are a very good team and to work together is big fun. Her brother also confirmed it.

A Polish journalist asked Pernilla with which place she will be satisfied in the Eurovision Song Contest this year. The singer said she wanted to reach the final. 

Pernilla was asked how she found time to combine making music and playing handball. The artist answered that at the moment she has no time for sport.

One question was addressed to Jonas Karlsson: What is most important for him: sound engineering or composing? He said that composing plays a more important role for him.

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