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PeR's PeRfect PeRformance for Latvia

The Latvian delegation were quite relaxed backstage before the rehearsal, with Edmunds and Ralph and thier backing performers playing various songs and even managed to get the team dancing along.

However, due to a communication error, they hadn't realised that they were supposed to be in their stage outfits in the second rehearsal, and someone was quickly despatched to go and bring them to the arena. The only bit of their correct outfits they had with them were their shoes, which all artists are obliged to wear in every rehearsal.

The boys were already fitted with their ear pieces and secured in place before the costumes finally arrived just as they were about to go on the giant stage set.

Artists are used to making quick costume changes, and the rehearsal wasn't even delayed as a result, and PeR had three excellent run throughs of the song Here We Go. 

Audience interaction

They make full use of the catwalk stage, and those members of the audience who are standing in the arena will really feel that they are interacting with the performers.

At one point they change the rhythm of their movements, and in unison they appear to perform in slow motion as they commence onto the catwalk stage. Ralph will also deliberately fall back off the stage into the audience.

Watch out for a unique guitar in the act, that we have named the 'iguitar', as it is has been especially made in metalwork and supports two ipads on it - one of which displays the Latvian flag. 

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"We are fans of what Eurovision can be"

Ralph and Edmunds were full of praise for the organisation behind the contest, and also praised the journalists for their knowledge about the history of the group PeR.

Ralph confessed that they are "fans of what Eurovision can be", in that they are slightly critical that about 80% of the countries competing enter what they describe as typical Eurovision songs, which they didn't think was necessary and it should all be about the music. They also hoped that the political voting would go away, but Ralph stated "I don't know how to fight it", although at the same time he thought it was cool that Lithuania usually awards points to Latvia.

One journalist showed his lack of knowledge and asked why Latvia had never won? Of course the fans and artists pointed out his error, (Latvia won the 2002 edition with the song I Wanna), so he changed it to asky why Latvia hadn't done so well in recent years? "We were really young then" replied Ralph " but now the saviours are here!"

To show off their vocal skills, all the artist then performed a version of No Woman No Cry with a beatbox element included.

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