PeR from Latvia pump up the audience

"We are used to performing first, and we love to pump up the audience", PeR told before their first sound check in the Malmö Arena. They were testing and warming up their voices, which - being beat boxers and hip-hoppers - sounded a bit different than a usual vocal coaching.

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The boys already showed their stage costumes, silver and black glittery suits. One of the band members plays a very special electric guitar with LED screens attached.

"Everybody, make some noise!" - That's how PeR kicked off their rehearsal today, and not just the title of their song, Here We Go, but also the energetic performance makes it a great opener of the Second Semi-Final.

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The stage was lit with colourful rotating spotlights, and PeR used all the space available for their act. Toward the end of the song, the four musicians moved all along the catwalk together, and they finish the performance with a stage dive.

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